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How Much Do Dental Implants in Westhampton Cost?

December 7, 2018

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dental implant on moneyDespite several advancements in dentistry to preserve natural teeth, tooth loss is still a prevalent problem. In fact, 120 million Americans are missing at least one tooth. Although bridges, crowns, and dentures have held a commonplace in dentistry to resolve the issue, over 500,000 people a year are turning to dental implants. Replacing both the root and the crown of the tooth allows them to provide an array of benefits that are possible with conventional treatments; however, they cost more. While you may pay more upfront for dental implants in Westhampton, they are more cost-effective long-term.

Can I Straighten Teeth Without Metal Braces? – Yes With Invisalign!

August 11, 2017

Woman with beautiful straight teethImagine yourself – with a flawless, perfectly straight smile. Now, take a look in the mirror. If you want to make your current smile match the smile you imagined, Invisalign orthodontics may be just what you need. This clear, alignment tray orthodontic system allows patients to quickly and comfortably straighten smiles in about twelve months of treatment.

Get Your Oral Cancer Screening in Richmond

September 11, 2016

Each year, oral cancer strikes approximately 48,000 American adults. Read about oral cancer screening in Richmond from Dr. William W. Way.

What’s the big deal about oral cancer? Dentist in Richmond, Dr. William W. Way, routinely screens for this deadly disease because it affects thousands of American adults each year.  Patients must understand symptoms and risks and get early treatment if cancer is diagnosed.


Do I Need to Visit the Dentist Richmond Families Prefer Twice a Year?

November 16, 2015

family with beautiful smiles thanks to the dentist richmond families trustMore than a century ago during the First World War, a group of dental researchers and practitioners was tasked by the US government with determining a way to help people achieve and maintain better oral health. What did they come up with? Twice a year preventive dental visits. This is not a plan that took off overnight. Before these dentists made the biennial dental checkup recommendation, patients typically only sought dental care to correct problems that already existed. This change of emphasis on restoring health to maintaining oral health required some convincing on the part of dental practitioners. In the 1920s Pepsodent got behind the idea, and promoted the twice a year visits as part of their ad campaigns. Eventually, more dentists and patients across the US were buying into the benefits of preventive dentistry. Today, most dental insurance providers cover twice a year checkups and cleanings 100%, almost any dental practitioner will recommend checkups and cleanings every six months, and more patients than ever are keeping their natural teeth for a lifetime. It’s clear, preventive dentistry is changing US smiles.

Fun Smile Facts from the Dentist Richmond Residents Prefer

September 22, 2015

dental equipment and tools from the dentist richmond trusts There’s a strange human phenomenon called inattentional blindness. If you’ve ever said that something “blended into the background,” or became “part of the landscape,” you’re likely experiencing this phenomenon. When people see something repeatedly they take for granted that it is the same from day to day or minute to minute, and don’t observe changes. For instance, if you drive your car every day, you may not notice one hubcap is missing for several days. This happens all the time because our brains ignore repeated images in order to retain space for new information. The phenomenon has been applied to other areas such as memory, education, and politics, but one major area where people often experience inattentional blindness is oral health. Most patients don’t know why they visit our office two times each year, how many teeth they have, or even why fluoride is beneficial for dental care. These things have faded into the background. Westhampton Dentistry invites you to take a closer look at some of the interesting and illuminating stories behind your beautiful smile. Call to find out more about any of our dental services, or to schedule an appointment with the dentist Richmond residents love.

The Secret to a Brighter, Healthier Smile from the Dentist Richmond Trusts

August 28, 2015

The secret to a healthier smile fromt he dentist richmond lovesWant to know the secret to a brighter, healthier smile? The dentist Richmond residents trust, Dr. William W. Way and his entire dentistry team are ready to let you in on the secret. There’s just one catch – don’t keep it a secret! We’re dedicated to helping every patient fully understand how to achieve the best possible oral health. It all starts right here in our office. Call to schedule an appointment with Westhampton Dentistry. Conveniently located in Richmond, VA, our team is here to help you smile.

Healthy Drinks for Your Teeth from the Dentist Richmond Trusts

July 22, 2015

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At Westhampton Dentistry, we know that changing your habits can be struggle, but changing what, how, and when you drink can help reduce or eliminate your risk for tooth decay. Take small steps to eliminate a beverage a day or add a glass of water after each serving of more harmful drinks, and overtime, you should start to notice your mouth feels cleaner and your breath is fresher. To find out more about the best drinks for your dental health or to schedule an appointment, call Westhampton Dentistry today. Our convenient Richmond, VA office is always here to help our patients improve their oral health. (more…)